BonusBall 1.0

BonusBall Puzzles. Win by forming a line with five balls of the same color (See all)

BonusBall is a free puzzle game. In the game, there is a board with empty spaces on which you need to place the smiley colorful balls.
Win the game by forming a line with five balls of the same color. It sounds easy, but things may get complicated since everytime you match a line a lot more balls will appear forcing you to think and react faster. The game ends when there are no empty spots left.

You can move balls by clicking on them and then clicking on an empty space near the ball. But you can't choose the empty spots that cross or jump over another ball. You can form horizontal, vertical and any diagonal lines with five balls of the same color.

BonusBall contains a menu which shows the top scores, game settings, the credits, a useful help screen, and the music/sound effect settings to turn them off and on whenever you want. From the settings menu you can select the difficulty and the way you'd like to see the board - there are three different modes: Rocky, Gear Power, and Flower.

The help is online and will redirect to the developer's website for further details.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Entertaining classical puzzle game
  • Allows to change the board's visual settings
  • It's free


  • Graphics too simple
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